2018 Conference Workshops List

CRI RJ Conference: Workshop Schedule – 2018

Updated 10-13-18

NOTE: All workshops and times are subject to change.

Thursday, 2:00

30           Title IX and RJ

4             South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission

21           When Youth Call a Ceasefire

25           Restoring the Restorative Educator

Thursday, 3:30

24           How to Scale RJ/RP Across a District: Lessons Learned, Implementation Practices, Shifting Mindsets, and Next Steps in Preparing for the Future of the Work

27           Perspective Sharing: Intersections of RP and Race

23           Benefits of Virtual Reality in Restorative Justice Practices

26           Restorative Circles: Working Together as a Staff

Friday, 9:30

1             The Maryland Commission on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Restorative Practices

8             Implementing RJ School District-Wide

29           RJ and RA’s

20           Doing Time with Our Boys: Family/Community Engagement Strategies

18           Homewood Center Girls – Turning from Conflict Toward Service

Friday, 1:00

17           Dorchester Schools

11           Panel #2: Youth and RJ

9             Sexual Violence Prevention and RJ

3             Restorative Practices in College Residential Life

13           Indigenous RJ Roots

Friday, 2:30

7             Transformative Work: How to Talk about Race and Gender

6             Circles of Trauma Healing

28           Student Conduct & RJ

22           Restorative Practices and the Needs of Schools

10           Panel #1: Implementing RP in Maryland Schools (Multiple Districts)

Please Note:  All Workshops are Subject to Change